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Annulment Workshop

Do you have questions about the annulment process in the Catholic Church? Do you or a family member need an annulment, but are unsure how to proceed?

Annulments are not well understood, even by Catholics.  This workshop will consider what annulments are, when they are needed and why, and what the process entails. There will be time for both input and discussion.

This is an upstairs Blue Room program, so seating is limited. The workshop includes lunch.

This workshop will be presented by Sr. Elissa Rinere, C.P. She has been a Passionist Sister for over 30 years. She holds a Master’s degree in education from the University of Rhode Island and a Doctorate in Canon Law (J.C.D.) from the Catholic University of America.

Read Sister Elissa’s articles about the process on this website.

Register for this workshop by calling (860) 677-8519 or use the form below. You may also download and print Workshop February 22, 2020