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April at OLC

We have a full and exciting April ahead here at OLC.

Special Event - Western Barbecue and Comedy Night

The Retreat League Committee (RLC) will hold their Annual Fundraiser on Wednesday, April 18th @ 5:30 - 9:00 pm at OLC. The theme for this year’s event will be Western Barbecue.

Menu: The menu features Pulled Pork, Chicken, Homemade Corned Bread, sides and dessert with a complimentary glass of wine.

Entertainment: There will be Musical Entertainment and Comedy Improvisation Performance by Sea Tea Improv

Raffle Prizes: Mystery Credit Card Envelope with the purchase of Raffle Tickets and Raffle Prizes

Retreats for Women

Theme: Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace
Dates: April 6-8, 2018 and April 13-15, 2018

Our theme this year, Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace, is both powerful and timely. It comes from one of the most popular and well-loved prayers in the world: the Peace Prayer of Saint Francis.

Peacemaking is not an optional commitment. It is a requirement of our faith. Time and again, Jesus calls us to be peacemakers. Faith intensifies our desire to address the questions of our times, precisely, in the light of the gospel:

During our retreat, we will explore how we can place ourselves in the center of the storm and be an instrument of peace.

Confirmation Retreat

Confirmation Retreat

What does getting your driver’s license have to do with Confirmation?
Presented by Shawnee Baldwin

What car part would you be as a disciple? What is the plan to get a car and ensure its safety and maintenance? Come to this interactive confirmation retreat and find out.

The offering per person for this retreat is $35. If you are a DRE interested in bringing a larger class, please call OLC at 860.677.8519 to talk with us about a group rate.

The program includes dinner.

Movie Night at OLC – “Babette’s Feast”

April 11 @ 6:60 - 9:00 pm

Babette's Feast, Pope Francis' favorite film, challenges us to look outside of ourselves in service to mercy. The Pope even referenced it in his encyclical Amoris Laetitiae.  View this classic film with us and let us together discover the spiritual lessons Pope Francis would like us to learn. A basket supper will be provided for each attendee to enjoy during the movie.  The evening will be facilitated by Sister Mary Ann Strain, CP, OLC's Program Director.

Faith that Asks Something of Us

Faith That Asks Something of Us: Doing the Truth in Love

April 14 @ 9:00 am - 1:30 pm

To act justly, love tenderly, and walk humbly with your God…these words of the prophet Micah were actualized in Jesus’ living. He showed us over and over again that no one is outside the inclusive love of God and called us to ensure the dignity of all people and their inclusion at the table of life – in our homes, our communities, and in our structures that often prevent or deny their participation. He did the Truth in Love. How might we capture his passion for justice and compassion in our own living? How might we develop the virtue of solidarity – a firm and persevering commitment to the common good – and orient ourselves to enacting God’s expansive love and care for all in our society? We will explore together how God invites us to live an engaged spirituality for our time.

This program will take place upstairs in the Blue Room and is limited to 15 participants. Includes lunch.

Presenter: Annemarie O’Connor, a member of Our Lady of Calvary’s Retreat Team


Making the Insights of Thomas Merton Accessible

Making Thomas Merton’s Insights on Contemplation and the True Self Accessible

April 25, 2018 @ 7:00 -9:00 pm

Thomas Merton is one of the most important spiritual writers, teachers, and prophets of modern times.  Merton's Christian Contemplative spirituality was grounded in his formal Religious studies as well as his experience of living his Trappist Monastic vocation for 27 years.

This workshop makes the core of Thomas Merton's Christian spirituality accessible. Participants will get an understanding of  Merton's spirituality with a particular focus on its foundational elements of Contemplation and the True Self.  The objective of the workshop is that those participating will begin to see how Merton's insights may apply to their own spiritual lives.

Mike Smoolca, coordinator of the North Central CT Chapter of the International Thomas Merton Society, will present this workshop.

Happy Easter from all of us at OLC!

program guide

Watch For Our New Program Guide

Happy New Year! Our new Program Guide should be arriving in your mail within the next few days. If you don’t receive our guide, contact us and we will send you one.

We have an impressive lineup of day and evening programs going on right through July. Our hope is that you will find several programs that interest you. Please consider bringing a friend or family member to attend a program along with you. Day and Evening programs are open to men and women. This is one proven way of how we keep the OLC ministry vibrant and alive – by continually introducing new people to the OLC community. We will offer a dinner option for the evening programs during this term.

Inside these pages, you will find programs to make you laugh and make you cry. You will find joy in many of the interactive and creative workshops we are offering by being in a social environment where you can experience God by just being with each other and sharing laughter and fun. You will find the ability to build stronger loving relationships with spouses and the people most important to you. There are programs designed to help us be better Catholic Christians and to inspire us to a more contemplative prayer life.

We are so enthusiastic about our impressive retreat team and presenters for this term. Each of them has truly special gifts they are anxious to share with you. We have several of the Passionist Sisters presenting as well!

A few special items to note and dates to hold. In February, we will offer a Wellness Retreat. A perfect opportunity to rest and re-charge yourself. The Retreat League Fundraiser (Italian Night) is currently scheduled for April 26th. The OLC Golf Tournament is scheduled for May 25th. OLC Men – take a look inside at the surprise we have for you! See you all during Lent for outdoor Stations of the Cross.

Please keep our Program Guide as a handy reference for all of our wonderful programs and events coming up over the next several months. Also, always check our website for the latest information and updates.


Christmas Shopping at OLC Gift Shop

Do Your Christmas Shopping at Our Lady of Calvary’s Newly Expanded Gift Shop

Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift? In addition to spiritual items, the shop has expanded and is offering much more. We carry Lucinda angel pins, Holy Land stones inscribed on Jerusalem granite with inspirational sayings, Willow Tree figurines and Cards by Anne just to name a few.

Come see our one of a kind skirts made by Darn Good Yarns, a Fair Trade endeavor whose mission is to provide quality skirts, while helping women of India and Nepal become autonomous and self-reliant. Or peruse the handmade infinity scarves, purses and infant clothes.

In addition, we are featuring distinctive jewelry, such as Mantra bands, Equinox Sterling silver necklaces and cancer bracelets that represent all types of cancer.

Finally, we continue to stock inspirational and Spiritual books including “Elf Help” books.

The Gift Shop helps support the OLC Retreat Center. Come see all that we have to offer. You will find the perfect gift!

For your convenience, the Gift Shop will be open from 4-7pm on Wednesday November 16 and 30 and December 7.

program director

An Announcement from Our Administrator

Dear Friends of Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center:

program directorIt is with sincere appreciation, thankfulness and love that OLC announces the departure of Sister Ann Rodgers, CP as our Program Director and welcomes Sister Mary Ann Strain, CP as our new Program Director. These changes are effective May 1st, 2016. Please see below.


Letter from Sister Ann Rodgers, CP
April 14, 2016
“I always thank God for you because of God’s grace given you in Christ Jesus.”
1 Corinthians 1:4

program directorIt is with heartfelt gratitude that I write this greeting to you. I have been with so many of you for so long that it’s hard to put into words what my heart and mind are feeling as I try to write about my leaving Our Lady of Calvary. My years here have been a time of grace and blessing. As I came to know you I also came to know myself better and to be led to the ministry of Spiritual Direction by your invitation to companion you. There have been so many themes and beautiful programs that we have shared and memories of times of laughter and times of tears that I carry in my heart. However, for my health, it seems the right time to bid you farewell for now. I’ll be trying to take care of myself the way we always invite you to do.

Sister Mary Ann Strain, CP will be taking up the position of Program Director. I know you will be as kind to her as you have been with me.

Know that you will be forever in my prayers and that I hope to see you as time goes by. May God bless each of you with every blessing you need to continue to know God and see God all around you.

With much love, hugs and prayers,
Sister Ann Rodgers, CP

Appointment of Sister Mary Ann Strain, CP as the new Program Director at OLC

program directorSister Mary Ann Strain, C.P. entered the Sisters of the Cross and Passion in 1977 and was professed in 1979. She holds a Master of Arts in Religious Studies from Providence College.

Sister Mary Ann has spent most of her religious life in retreat ministry; as Program Director here at OLC, on the Passionist Preaching band, preaching parish missions throughout the United States, and as a member of the retreat team at Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center.

Other experiences have included teaching, representing the Passionist Family at the United Nations and working in organizational development and as a social media manager for non-profit clients.

“I am excited to be returning to OLC at this important time and am looking forward to working hard to develop new programs that answer the needs of people today to de-stress and re-connect with God. I also hope to make sure that everyone in Connecticut has heard about OLC!”

Reception to Honor Sister Ann Rodgers, CP

To honor Sister Ann Rodgers, CP for her many years of giving and service to the OLC Retreat Ministry, there will be a Reception held in her honor so her many friends that she has touched through the years may come and wish her the best in person. Please see the details below.

Reception for Sister Ann Rodgers, CP
When: Sunday, May 15, 2016
Time: 2-4 pm
Where: Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center
RSVP By: May 9, 2016 by email: olcretreat@sbcglobal.net
or phone: 860-677-8519