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The Family Disease of Addiction – We Do Recover

The Family Disease of Addiction – We Do Recover

This day will cover the experience of addiction from the addict or alcoholic as well as the family and friends involved in a relationship with the person who is addicted to alcohol or drugs. Addiction is a family disease that stresses the family to the breaking point, impacts the stability of the home, the family’s unity, mental health, physical health, finances, and overall family dynamics. There will be three presentations –

  1. The experience of an active addict or alcoholic
  2. Loving an Addict or Alcoholic – When Loving You Is Hurting Me
  3. There is Hope and Recovery for Everyone

This program will take place upstairs in the Blue Room. Register early as space is limited.

This program includes lunch.

Jass is in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction for the past 30 years and has a passion for recovery and service to others. She is the Clinical Director – Hunterdon Drug Abuse Program in New Jersey.

Register for this program using the form below or call (860) 677-8519. You may also download and print The Family Disease


Simplification of the Annulment Process

As was widely reported by so many news outlets recently, Pope Francis has revised some of the laws which govern the annulment process in the Catholic Church. The official document in which these changes are explained is an apostolic letter issued motu proprio; that is, by the pope’s proper authority.

Although there are many technical points to the changes made in canon law, the overall purpose of the changes is not technical, but extraordinarily pastoral. In the opening paragraphs of the official document, Pope Francis stated: “Charity and mercy therefore require that the Church, as a mother, make herself closer to her children who consider themselves separated.”

Pathways of reconciliation for the millions of Catholics separated from the Church through divorce and remarriage was a significant concern for the bishops who participated in the 2014 Extraordinary Synod on the Family. A simplification of the nullity procedures was one of the pathways they recommended to Pope Francis, and clearly he has found the recommendation worthy of acceptance.

A committee of canonists and theologians worked on this plan for several months, and the outline of the simplified process was issued by Pope Francis on August 15, 2015. The implementation date for all dioceses of the Church is December 8, 2015. This new approach to the nullity process represents the most substantial changes made to this section of Church law since the 18th century.

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