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Movie Matinee - Amistad

Movie Matinee – Amistad

This special Movie Matinee featuring the Stephen Spielberg film Amistad has ties to Farmington history! Attend this program and learn more!

Fifty-three enslaved persons lead a revolt against a Spanish ship, “La Amistad,” that ends up on United States soil. They then are arrested and accused of murder and piracy – charges that bring the death penalty – when ex-President John Quincy Adams, no longer in office, takes their case. Based on a true story and set in 1839, Amistad is sprinkled with biblical references and rightly shows that most abolitionists were Christian. It’s also full of Christian themes, including protecting the vulnerable and standing up for what’s right, even when it’s not popular.

Here is the official trailer.

Attendees will receive a boxed lunch to enjoy during the screening. A short discussion will follow the movie.

Register for this program by calling (860) 677-8619 or use the form below. You may also download and print Movie Matinee – Oct 2, 2019.

Movie Matinee – The Assisi Underground

Shot on location in Assisi, The Assisi Underground shows the work of Father Ruffino, one of the “Righteous Gentiles,” in sheltering Italian Jews and transporting them to safety during the Nazi occupation. Unlike many World War II melodramas, this one rings true because it is true, and its good acting and simple direction add to the authenticity.

Watch the trailer:

Attendees will receive a boxed lunch to enjoy during the film. A short discussion will follow the screening.

This day program will be facilitated by Sister Mary Ann Strain, CP. She is the Program Director here at OLC.

Register for this program using the form below or call (860) 677-8519. You may also download Movie Matinee – May 8.