Linda Vinelli

Linda Vinelli

Dear Ron and Sister Mary Ann,

Hats of two both of you, the retreat team, and the volunteers for moving forward with so many great ideas and changes to the Our Lady Calvary Retreat House. I feel your energy and see the great strides you are making to bring in new programs and update things. A+ to all of you. Everyone needs to hear that they and their hard work are appreciated. I pray I will be a promoter for many years to come. Thank you.

Special thanks to Chef Bill and the kitchen crew. The menus of this past theme weekend November 3-5 were raved about by everyone.

Mass and services with Father Jim were wonderful. Wish I could bottle him and pour his talents and humor out into other parishes.

I saw Sister Ann Rogers there on Sunday and I am thrilled to know she is feeling so much better. She is an amazing speaker whose words and actions have had a profound influence on me and many others over the 25 years or more that I have been coming to OLC.  I am praying to the Holy Spirit that she comes out of retirement to once again be able to share her special talents and spirituality.