Here are some inspired ideas for retreat promotion from our promoters!

  • Get a list of the retreatants from past years from the office and call those who haven’t been on retreat in a year or more.
  • Use OLC’s promotions tools – display board, DVD, and flyers (feel free to call or email and ask the office for any promo tools you need.
  • Highlight your parish’s weekend in the Theme brochure.
  • Remind women that it’s okay to leave your family for a weekend-they’ll be okay!
  • A personal face-to-face invitation is best, the phone is the next best.
  • Talk about your own personal experience when speaking at Mass or one-on-one…it’s that personal testimony and aspect that touches people more even than talking about the specifics about the weekend
  • Interview retreatants about their experiences and use their quotes for the parish bulletin and/or publish retreatants’ names in the bulletin. (with their permission)
  • Ask retreatants who don’t mind driving at night to volunteer to carpool others to the retreat; offer rides to those who don’t want to drive
  • Use your parish’s Facebook site to promote the retreat (and Friend OLC!)

Please contact the office if I can help you with any lists, brochures, display boards, DVDs, or any other way.

We look forward to seeing you and your parishioners on retreat soon!