Volunteers are Special Gifts to OLC

Would you like to be a volunteer at OLC? The process is simple. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch! Thanks!

  • What time commitments suit your schedule… would you like to volunteer for one specific project, or would you like to be part of our regular “bank” of volunteers?
  • What skills and talents are you willing to share with the OLC community?

Some of the volunteer opportunities that might be of interest to you:

  • Volunteer to serve a meal and help clean the dining room
  • Periodically sweep the walkways at our Stations of the Cross and Remembrance Rosary Garden
  • Help with seasonal planting
  • Water and fertilize plants inside our house
  • Provide office and clerical assistance with major projects
  • We would would be glad to speak with you about your own thoughts and suggestions.

Many hands make light work … give us a call and share your talents and time – perhaps bring your husband, daughter and/or son and model the concept of Christian service for them. OLC has hopefully become your “Home away from Home” … introduce your home to others as we make it sparkle together.

Thank you!