Volunteering Needed and Necessary at OLC!!

Volunteerism – The New Mission for the Retreat League

Volunteering at Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center is synonymous with the time and talent aspects of Stewardship offered as gifts of service and support. As Our Lady of Calvary continues to enrich the spiritual lives of so many, the gifts offered by volunteers are both needed and necessary.

Volunteering to assist with dining room and kitchen services during theme weekends and day and evening programs, watering gardens or helping with other projects is essential work in support of the mission of OLC. Volunteering serves as testimony to the love and care willingly given in Jesus’ name to help make the OLC experiences spiritually and personally nourishing for others.

The new mission of the Retreat League Committee is to inspire and encourage all retreatants to donate their gifts of service in support of Our Lady of Calvary to the degree that your lives allow. We need “many hands [to] make light work”. The Committee is currently working on providing an online sign up mechanism through which you will be able to match your calendar to OLC volunteer needs and sign up just by clicking the date/time slots that work for you.

Please let us know if there is availability in your life to share your time and talent at Our Lady of Calvary. Visit our volunteer sign-up page to add your name to the OLC Volunteer Corps list so that we can contact you.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to join us in this wonderful work. For those who are unable to volunteer at this time, please pray that the Lord prospers the work of our hands and hearts here at OLC as we walk with his beloved ones who seek Him here.

Lucia Smolski
Retreat League Committee