Skip the Latte! Give $10 on the 10th

Skip the latte!

Ten was Sue’s favorite number.

Ten dollars.

What does that mean to you?

A couple of lattes?

Lunch out with friends?

A nice glass of wine at your favorite restaurant?

But when hundreds of people invest $10 each in OLC. . .  just IMAGINE the possibilities!

When you donate $10 on the 10th of each month (or whatever you can) to OLC, we can plan improvements to our facility that will make your retreat experience better; better mattresses, better sound system, even better heating and cooling for our building.

So, please, this month, skip the latte. Donate $10 on the 10th.

OLC Thanks you

$10 on the 10th

(To set up a monthly donation, click the box next to "I would like this donation to automatically repeat each month," under the amount of your donation.)