OLC’s Mass Card Program

Our Lady of Calvary’s Mass Card program is a way to have prayers said for someone who has died, is ill or just needs prayerful support at a particular time.  When you give an OLC Mass card you are helping to support our retreat ministry.

Our Lady of Calvary offers a selection of Mass Cards that can be used for special prayer needs. Each enrollment comes with a beautiful Card that can be presented to the recipient or kept as a prayerful reminder. These cards were designed especially for OLC.

Mass Cards make a loving and thoughtful gift for someone in need of comfort, healing, or encouragement—or just to let a loved one know they are in your thoughts and prayers every day. Recipients are enrolled in the Calvarian Society and their names are entered into the Book of Remembrance in our chapel. They are prayed for at the Holy Masses celebrated during retreats and remembered in the prayers of the Sisters and retreatants. Holy Mass is celebrated once a month for all members of the Calvarian Society.

How and When to Use a Mass Card

Mass Cards can be sent to a recipient by mail or be given in person. Many people bring Mass Cards to wakes or send them to the relatives of someone who is deceased. Our special health and healing card is perfect to bring along when you visit a sick friend or relative.

Using Mass Cards is easy and convenient. If you have a supply on hand, just fill out the card and send it. Fill out the little slip inside the card and send it with your offering to OLC.

If you do not have a card on hand, we will send the card for you! Visit https://www.ourladyofcalvary.net/send-card/. Fill in the form, and choose the card you want to send.

Please call (860) 677-8519 or click here, if you would like to order a supply of cards.