Our Hearts are Broken

Our hearts are broken for the Church we love.

From so many directions we are bombarded with news of unspeakable sins and betrayals on the part of some in Church leadership. Indeed, our hearts are broken. Mingled with our sorrow might also be anger, disgust and a deep sense of powerlessness in the face of such evil.

In the face of all this, the essential question is: How do we move forward, both as individuals and a Church? How do we heal this terrible wound?

One suggestion might be to consider Jesus. Consider your love for Jesus, for prayer, the Eucharist, the good works of the Church, and for the moral principles of the Gospel. These are our treasures, and our path forward.

As this demoralizing crisis continues to unfold, let us cling to Jesus. To whom else can we go to heal our broken hearts?

The OLC Community