New mattress with buck board

Great News! Mattress Replacement Program

Earlier this summer we told you that Our Lady of Calvary was embarking on a Mattress Replacement Program in order to make your stay, here at the retreat center, more comfortable. We were not sure how many mattresses we would be able to replace.

Through the funds raised by the Retreat League Committee’s Italian Night and several additional donations we found ourselves able to replace all of the mattresses on the upper level of the conference center this summer.

Then last week we received an awesome surprise! One of our devoted retreatants, Sharon Davino, made a very generous donation which has enabled us to order new mattresses for the Lower West wing. This leaves just the Lower East wing with old mattresses.

We need just $3500 more to finish the job and replace all of the mattresses in the conference center rooms. Can you help? A donation in any amount would be greatly appreciated. You can donate just one mattress or maybe even match last week’s donation!

Please call our administrator Ron Miceli at 860.677.8519 or visit our donation page and select the amount you wish to contribute. Check the box: “I would like to designate this donation to a specific fund.” Then select mattress fund.

new mattress at Our Lady of Calvary

Mattress Replacement

Summer Project: Mattress Replacement

YOUR KINDNESS AT WORK! Through the fundraising efforts of the Retreat League Committee we are replacing many mattresses in the dorms. Can you help us do more? We would like every retreatant to be able to sleep comfortably on a new mattress! Please visit our donation page and select the amount you wish to contribute. Check the box: “I would like to designate this donation to a specific fund.” Then select mattress fund.


letting go leads to a simpler life

A Simpler Life

I admit it. I’m a saver and lost in a sea of clutter. I save everything-just in case. My closets are filled with clothes of various sizes. There are the too big clothes, the too small clothes, and those that fit just right. Laundry is a monumental task and yet I buy more and more clothes.

My kitchen table is filled with bank statements, addresses, and papers saved from various events I’ve attended. I try to sort the papers but it is a lost cause. The table looks the same hours later from when I started. But…I have a system. Some papers belong to the recycling pile while others are for shredding. Those I don’t want go in the trash. I file the rest.

I also save greeting cards I’ve received over the years. They make me smile as they bring back fond memories. I try to force myself to let go of some of them. But I have boxes of them. The funny thing is-you don’t miss them once they are gone.

I have been keeping journals since 1979 with the exception of a few years. I record events of the day, express my feelings, and weigh decisions. I also keep a gratitude journal to write down things I’m grateful for. I save the journals and hope to someday write a book.

When my parents died, my siblings and I inherited the awesome task of cleaning out their house. My mother was a saver and had even saved a piece of her wedding cake in a box in the attic. She saved my First Communion veil and prayerbook. She saved our school papers. My step-father saved napkins and ketchup from his many trips to McDonald’s.

I have a friend who saves newspaper articles she plans to read at a later time. The problem is, the newspapers accumulate. Add to this tag sale items in every room.

As for myself, I pray each day that I’ll be able to organize my condo. While it is a slow process, I know that God is in the midst of it all. Getting rid of clutter stirs up feelings, though. There is a sense of loss as things are discarded. It’s a formidable task but, for every item I let go of, there’s a deep inner peace. It leads to a simpler life

Debra Deptula

golf tournament

Photos from Our Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament Photos

Please enjoy these photos taken at OLC’s 17th Annual Golf Tournament at Tunxis Plantation Country Club on Thursday, May 25.

We would like to thank Fr. Thomas Barry of St. Patrick’s Parish here in Farmington for starting our day off by celebrating Mass at OLC. We are extremely grateful for the generosity of all our sponsors, supporters, golf committee and volunteers. We give special recognition to Bill Husic, Golf Committee Chair and President of OLC’s Board of Trustees whose hard work and tireless dedication has made OLC’s golf tournament such a great event and outstanding success.

Finally, thanks to everyone who turned out for golf and the awards dinner with good spirits despite the rain and made our day fun-filled and successful.