Sister Mary Ann is Focusing on Promotion

promotionPromotion is the key to OLC’s future!

A major focus of Sister Mary Ann’s first year as OLC’s Program Director is promotion. She has been reaching out to promoters and retreatants by phone and has asked retreat team members and day and evening presenters to be promotion minded, by using their own networks to spread the word about OLC.

We have also been working on getting information about retreats and programs at OLC into the Catholic Transcript, the Hartford Courant and other newspapers as well as on WJMJ.

Here at OLC we have been using our website, Facebook, Twitter (@olcretreat) and Instagram (olcretreat) to advertise our programs and retreats. You can help here by “liking” and “sharing” these posts.

Sister Mary Ann has also been promoting OLC by gathering with groups of women in homes and parishes. Recently, she visited the home of Therese Cuccia of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, CT and met with her prayer group to talk about OLC. She enjoyed meeting all the ladies and Therese’s family.

Last week, St. Sebastian’s Ladies Guild in Middletown, CT welcomed OLC promoter Tina Loomis and Sister to speak about retreats at OLC.

Promotion is the key to the future of OLC. You can help, even if you are not an official promoter by inviting Sister Mary Ann to your home or parish to speak with women who would be interested in learning more about retreats and OLC.

If you would like her to come, please contact Sister Mary Ann at OLC!