Great News! Mattress Replacement Program

Earlier this summer we told you that Our Lady of Calvary was embarking on a Mattress Replacement Program in order to make your stay, here at the retreat center, more comfortable. We were not sure how many mattresses we would be able to replace.

Through the funds raised by the Retreat League Committee’s Italian Night and several additional donations we found ourselves able to replace all of the mattresses on the upper level of the conference center this summer.

Then last week we received an awesome surprise! One of our devoted retreatants, Sharon Davino, made a very generous donation which has enabled us to order new mattresses for the Lower West wing. This leaves just the Lower East wing with old mattresses.

We need just $3500 more to finish the job and replace all of the mattresses in the conference center rooms. Can you help? A donation in any amount would be greatly appreciated. You can donate just one mattress or maybe even match last week’s donation!

Please call our administrator Ron Miceli at 860.677.8519 or visit our donation page and select the amount you wish to contribute. Check the box: “I would like to designate this donation to a specific fund.” Then select mattress fund.