Annual Appeal 2019

Dear Friends & Supporters,

Happy early summer and we hope this note finds you well!

We enjoyed seeing so many of you at our retreat weekends, and day and evening programs this past season. The attendance at our day programs is remarkable. Our Saturday morning program offerings continue to grow. Many new groups and organizations are coming to OLC to hold their retreats, meetings, and conferences. We are so gratified and grateful to see that our increased marketing and promotional efforts are really working and drawing many new faces to OLC!

We continue to need your help and you respond in so many ways. OLC is a self-sustaining non-profit entity. Your generosity, financially, and your time and talent truly support us. Our large, aging campus with several buildings surrounded by 12 wooded acres, in a pastoral setting, demands constant maintenance and upkeep. The operating costs for the Retreat Center are considerable and we are keeping up with needed modest improvements.

Your gift to the Annual Appeal this year will help bring reliable heating and air conditioning to our retreatant rooms and make OLC greener!

The long-awaited renovation to our heating and cooling systems is now beginning and will take place during the summer months. We are converting our systems from oil to natural gas, and adding air conditioning to all of the dormitory bedrooms. This is a major undertaking for OLC. These upgrades will allow OLC to be a year-round destination venue for retreats, meetings, and conferences. Our goal is to be an environmentally conscious and sustainability-minded organization. We have raised much of the needed funds, but are still in need to cover the significant cost of this project. Your help by donating to our Annual Appeal this year will help us get to the finish line and complete this endeavor.

OLC is converting from oil to natural gas, and adding air conditioning to all dormitory bedrooms. Share on X

The gift that you make to the Annual Appeal helps us meet our expenses. We know how dearly many of you hold OLC in your hearts. We realize there are many different requests that you receive. Do what you are able to do within your means. No gift is too small or too large. Any gift you give is through the grace of God.

We would like to conclude the Annual Appeal by August 15th. You can donate online. Just click the red donate button at the bottom of this page. It will take you to our Donate page where you can make a tribute gift or tell us that your employer will match your donation.

May the Holy Spirit guide you accordingly. On behalf of the Sisters of the Cross and Passion and the dedicated staff at OLC, we sincerely Thank You!!

There’s a New Spirit at Our Lady of Calvary – Come Experience It!

Peace and Joy,

Ron Miceli                                             Gina Dolan
Administrator                                        Chair, Fundraising, and Development Committee