Watch For Our New Program Guide

Happy New Year! Our new Program Guide should be arriving in your mail within the next few days. If you don’t receive our guide, contact us and we will send you one.

We have an impressive lineup of day and evening programs going on right through July. Our hope is that you will find several programs that interest you. Please consider bringing a friend or family member to attend a program along with you. Day and Evening programs are open to men and women. This is one proven way of how we keep the OLC ministry vibrant and alive – by continually introducing new people to the OLC community. We will offer a dinner option for the evening programs during this term.

Inside these pages, you will find programs to make you laugh and make you cry. You will find joy in many of the interactive and creative workshops we are offering by being in a social environment where you can experience God by just being with each other and sharing laughter and fun. You will find the ability to build stronger loving relationships with spouses and the people most important to you. There are programs designed to help us be better Catholic Christians and to inspire us to a more contemplative prayer life.

We are so enthusiastic about our impressive retreat team and presenters for this term. Each of them has truly special gifts they are anxious to share with you. We have several of the Passionist Sisters presenting as well!

A few special items to note and dates to hold. In February, we will offer a Wellness Retreat. A perfect opportunity to rest and re-charge yourself. The Retreat League Fundraiser (Italian Night) is currently scheduled for April 26th. The OLC Golf Tournament is scheduled for May 25th. OLC Men – take a look inside at the surprise we have for you! See you all during Lent for outdoor Stations of the Cross.

Please keep our Program Guide as a handy reference for all of our wonderful programs and events coming up over the next several months. Also, always check our website for the latest information and updates.